Walking in the woods with your dog

Lukas in the woods while being recalled to come “here”

Walking in the woods with our dogs is one of our favourite activities. It provides physical exercise and a huge stimulation from different kinds of smells to your dog. It also provides one of the best bonding quality time with your dog.

During these walks, the ideal would be that your dog could be free in the woods. However, this is not always possible, due to restrictions in different nature parks and other people disturbancy, or because some dogs have a huge drive to follow scents and disappear out of site. Loosing your dog is one of the biggest hazards ever!

Ahh I can eat from the table too - Lukas

Ahh I can eat from the table too in the woods – Lukas

One of our major concerns is to have a constant Recall training in place. Now that we have a second dog, Jonas, recall in the woods is the next step after recall indoors and in the neighbourhood.

We have been training recall with our first dog, Lukas, constantly. You can see our previous training in these two blog posts – How to train your dog to “recall” using Victoria Stilwell approach? and Outdoors recall training. Now with a second dog, recall needs to be again established and for the first dog it is another opportunity to consolidate over and over the recall.

Ahh just drunk from the lake!

Ahh I just drunk from the lake! – Jonas

Nowadays, Lukas can be free in the woods, while having his leash on. Also, our interpretation so far of Lukas’s drive is that he does not have a strong drive to run away from us, and most of the time he returns to us immediately while recalled. Nevertheless, we are aware that if a hare, rabbit or squirrel appears at sight, Lukas will try to follow it. This is why we have also trained Lukas while on leash to wait, while seeing a hare and then we go together to run after the hare or squirrel. This type of training takes immense time and patience, and it will not make your dog’s hunting prey instinct go completely away – something we also do not wish to abolish.

Looking into the lake at sight

Looking into the lake from above – Lukas

We have been using a 10 meters leash to train outdoors recall, after walking on a shorter leash on heel and recall. We are now taking our second dog, Jonas, for the first time on the 10 meters leash into the woods. The idea is to have Jonas on this leash and train the recall in every opportunity. This training does not ends in a single event, it is a continuous training in the whole life and in the companionship of your dog. What you less wish is that your dog one day runs away and disappears out of sight.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. We walked 8km in 4h30 in one of the beautiful Nature parks in Finland, called Nuuksio – Luukkaa.

Checking out the lake and its surroundings

Checking out the lake and its surroundings – Jonas

Lukas and Jonas in the woods

Lukas and Jonas in the woods

Lukas and Jonas in the woods on leash

Lukas and Jonas in the woods on leash, “loose”


Lukas and Jonas being recalled from one of us back to the other, several times


Reward after the recall, always!


Enjoying the company of each other, while near a lake


Jonas enjoying scents near the lake


Recall reward is done several times while walking, meeting people and other dogs


Lukas with a 2 meter leash and Jonas with a 10 meters leash loose on the floor, ready to be picked up if needed


Lukas enjoying a reward


Helping Jonas to enjoy the best of Nature by drinking fresh water from the different clean Finnish forests streams


Jonas joined in the group and he was rewarded as well


Hei I am Jonas, can you see me? 😀


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