How to train your dog to “recall” using Victoria Stilwell approach?

Lukas focusing on the recall with enthusiasm

Lukas focusing on the recall with enthusiasm

The recall is one of the most important commands to train your dog to be used when you need to call your dog to return to you. There are situations which you want to prevent your dog going into or you need to get him out off. We started the recall training first at home where there would be as little distractions as possible. We have been training our dog using Victoria Stilwell (VS) approach. As with many other commands, the recall training is no exception to be trained in several stages. Below you can see videos of VS training on ehow pets on the several stages of the recall. In the end of this post you can see as well two videos of us training the recall to our dog Lukas.

There are at least 4 stages to the recall according to VS.

Stage 1: Introduction with a toy or food your dog likes and as he comes to you reward him either with the treat or the toy. Start by calling the dog’s name as he comes to you in addition to the come cue, example “Lukas come”. Each time your dog comes to you, besides rewarding him, touch its neck gently. This will enable him to get used to you touching him specially in the area where you will be placing the collar. Later when you are outside with your dog and you call him, he will feel more relax when you grab him on the collar and place the leash for some secure situation.

Stage 2: Now continue with the playfulness while you call your dog, by introducing the back and forth. Continue to touch your dog when he enters your personal space when called. Praise always the dog each time it comes to you even if you’ve not called him.

Stage 3: Increase the distance and far from eye sight when you recall your dog and repeat the previous steps rewards and touches to your dog neck and body.

Stage 4: Start from stage 1 but now outdoors 🙂

Next you can see two video of us training our rescued dog Lukas introduction to the recall cue. On the second video, Lukas is on the leash for the first time and in the common areas with the cats. In this case the recall is very important so that Lukas comes when called and does not chase the cats.


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