The benefits of cat grass

Tiguinho enjoying the cat grass kit

Tiguinho enjoying the cat grass kit

Cat grass has been considered an wonderful complement for cats diet, which you can add to the current food offered on the side. Though it might look strange why cats would like grass as carnivores, it turns out that grass has huge benefits for the cat. You probably saw your cat vomiting after eating grass and wonder if that was good. This post is about the benefits of cat grass and a video of me offering the cat grass to my cats is presented in the end of the post.

An example of a cat grass kit - indoor use.

An example of a cat grass kit – indoor use

Why cats eat grass?

We did not used to offer cat grass to our cats on a regular basis. Maybe it was offered once a year. However, at one point we had one of our cats with big problems due to cat fur balls that caused constipation. Besides giving cat malt to our cats, we started giving cat grass to the cats once a month. Benefits from cat grass go beyond helping your little fluffy cat with hairballs coughs. According to Little (2012), PetMd (2013) and Vetinfo (2012), cats seem to eat grass when they have the following needs:

  • Digestion – speeds the digestion process due to fiber
  • Induce vomiting – of something that was eaten harmful, toxic, allergic or indigestible matter from hunted preys
  • Diarrhea and Constipation prevention
  • Cough Fur Balls
  • Dietary Supplements – contains niacin and B vitamins
  • Hunting and Foraging behaviour stimulation
  • Olfactory stimulation
Cat grass kit seeds

Cat grass kit seeds

What kind of grass should offer to your cat?

There are different types of grass, such as flax, barley, wheat, or oat plant. You can easily find a huge diversity in the market. You can either buy grass indoor kits, which you can grown in a week, or actually make a small grass garden for your cat if you have the possibility.

Indoor cat grass kit growth - day 5

Indoor cat grass kit growth – day 4






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